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Power Purchase Agreement

✓ No purchase necessary
✓ Cheap rate that won’t inflate
✓ Immediate savings
✓ Clean controllable energy

Buy or Finance

✓ Own and control your panels
✓ In charge of your own electricity
✓ Next to no monthly electricity bill
✓ Lifetime savings


How we help

Our solar contractors are partnered with multiple solar retailers allowing us to find the perfect solution for your needs. We offer a range of services that allow almost everyone to make the switch to renewable energy. From plans that allow you to pay for the energy generated by the panels without any purchase, to owning them outright we will 100% save you money while helping the planet. We deliver free, fast, and efficient consultations at your convenience. Click here to be directed to our services page.

How are we different?


Our solar contractors work with solar brands across the country to ensure our clients have many options to choose from. Our partnerships let us add more panels for free, work with almost all roofs, and help clients from wherever they are based.


Our core belief is that renewable energy is the future of energy. When new technology is introduced it can take a while to diffuse. Our mission is to play a role in quickly spreading renewable energy and helping to stop global warming.


Our solar contractors value human connection. We strive to develop relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime. When you decide to work with our team it is guaranteed that you will be listened to and treated as a close friend.

The future of energy

If you have been thinking about making the switch to solar the time is now. Traditional electricity providers are struggling to find a solution to the problems they have created resulting in more expensive and less reliable power. Take action today by controlling your bill and play a positive role in preventing more ecological crises.

“… After we got our new hot tub we knew we wanted to go solar. This team made it super easy and was able to walk us through the entire process. I can’t give them a high enough recommendation !…”

Allison Murphy