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About Us

Our professional solar contractors are here to help with all your solar needs.

We are more than just a Solar Consultancy company

Growing up in the age of technology has had a lasting impact on our team. Every year we have been alive new technologies have been introduced. This has given us an extreme advantage when it comes to incorporating solar technology into our lives and the lives of others.

Watching renewable energy move to the forefront of society was an exciting time and our founders knew they wanted to be involved. In 2015 the research to create a solar business began.

Since the initial spark, our founders have worked tirelessly to found the team we have today. After learning what works and what doesn’t we can guarantee that the process to switch to solar has never been easier.

We are extremely selective when it comes to hiring our solar contractors. We only select people for our team that believe in our core values of sustainability, helping others, and innovating. That is why our team is the best in the business.