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Comprehensive Commercial Services

Elevate your business to new heights with Divine Solar Power’s comprehensive range of commercial services. Beyond just installing solar panels, we craft tailored solutions to power your business sustainably.

Explore our commercial services designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and showcase your commitment to sustainability:

Solar Panel Installation

Experience the transformation of your business space with our expert Solar Panel Installation service. From design to execution, we ensure a seamless integration, bringing the brilliance of solar power to your commercial establishment.

Roofing Repair Services

Our Roofing Repair Services extend beyond solar concerns to safeguard your business investment. Trust Divine Solar Power to secure your establishment with top-notch roofing solutions, ensuring the longevity of your business shelter.


Ensure uninterrupted power for your business with our cutting-edge Battery solutions. Our energy storage systems provide a consistent and reliable power supply, allowing your business to thrive day and night.

Car Ports

Combine utility with sustainability through our Car Port installations tailored for businesses. Shelter your business vehicles under solar-powered structures to showcase your commitment to eco-conscious business practices.

Pool Pump

Dive into energy efficiency with our Solar-powered Pool Pump solutions designed for commercial pools. Enjoy a pristine pool while minimizing energy costs.

Water Heater

Upgrade to a sustainable water heating solution with Divine Solar Power. Our Water Heater installations harness solar energy, providing eco-friendly warmth for your commercial spaces.

Add-On To Existing Solar System

Elevate your business’s energy potential by adding on to your existing solar system. Our expert team seamlessly integrates additional panels, enhancing your energy capacity and savings.

Main Panel Upgrade (MPU)

Ensure the safe and efficient distribution of energy with our Main Panel Upgrade service. We optimize your business’s electrical system, guaranteeing a smooth flow of solar power throughout your establishment.

Tree Trimming Reimbursement

Divine Solar Power values your commitment to sustainability. Our Tree Trimming Reimbursement program supports the maintenance of a clear solar pathway, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy savings for your business.

Smart Thermostat

Experience intelligent climate control with our Smart Thermostat installations tailored for commercial spaces. Effortlessly manage your business’s temperature, optimizing energy usage and reducing costs.


Our Trenching services ensure precision in laying the groundwork for your commercial solar system. We go beneath the surface, securing the foundation for a robust and efficient energy solution.

Ground Mount

Explore the versatility of ground-mounted solar solutions with our ground-mounted installations designed for business spaces. Ideal for areas where roof installations may not be feasible, ground mounts offer flexibility and optimal energy absorption.

Multilayer Insulation

Elevate your business’s energy efficiency with our Multilayer Insulation solutions. Enjoy comfort year-round while reducing energy consumption, making every corner of your commercial space an oasis of sustainability.

Radiant Barriers

Enhance your business’s energy efficiency with our Radiant Barriers. Shield your commercial spaces from unwanted heat, ensuring a comfortable environment while minimizing the need for excessive energy use.

EV Car Charging Station

Stay ahead in the electric revolution with our EV Car Charging Station installations. Cater to electric vehicles at your business establishment, combining sustainability with cutting-edge technology.

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Still interested in going solar? Ask your landlord or property manager to contact us to learn more about options for renters.