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Our Services

Our solar contractors provide free consultations where they build a customized energy plan. We work with the top three most reputable solar providers: SunRun, SunPower, and Sunova, along with many other local installers. After creating the energy savings report we manage the installs through your selected solar provider.

Power Purchase Agreement

For qualifying customers, we are able to provide and install solar panels free of charge. You then agree to pay a per kilowatt-hour rate for electricity produced by the panels. This rate is much cheaper than most local utility providers. On average homeowners start saving 25-35% more each month immediately after installation.

Buy Solar Panels

Buying solar panels gives you total energy independence. When you buy the panels you own your system and savings. No monthly payments – just clean, renewable energy that allows you control. You may also qualify for local incentives like solar rebates, sales and property tax exemptions, and more.

Working with multiple reputable solar retailers allows us to give you the best price and tailored plan for your energy needs. When you schedule an appointment with our solar contractor they will look at your energy usage, roof, location, sunlight exposure, and generate an energy savings report.

Financing Solar Panels

Financing panels guarantees low, predictable monthly payments, letting you enjoy stress-free performance and maintenance. Financing panels is a great way to manage high utility bills, afford charging electric vehicles, help with pool and hot tubs, and provide power in blackouts. We have many options when it comes to financing panels including a monthly payment plan with $0 to little down and a full amount loan with no monthly payments.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Every option we provide allows you to shrink your carbon footprint. When you go solar you can reduce your carbon emissions by 1.3 to 1.4 tonnes* each year.

Save thousands of dollars

No matter what option you choose, you are guaranteed to save money on electricity. No matter if it is instant savings like the PPA, or if it takes a couple years like buying the panels, your bank account will thank you.

Power Production Guarantee

If your panels do not produce enough power, we will refund you for what they don’t produce. So you can confidently use all the power you need without worry of going over.

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